Kitchen Remodeling: The Change Your Family Is Looking For

All your cabinets are filled, but you have nothing in the house to eat; you bring home groceries, only to have nowhere to put them. The kitchen is so cluttered you don’t know where to start. Things start piling up on your dining room table; you’re family no longer enjoys meals together, it’s more like … Read moreKitchen Remodeling: The Change Your Family Is Looking For

Home paint 101

Many homeowners can get lost in the land of paints and stains; some don’t even know it exists, slapping any type of paint on every surface of their house (just the thought of which makes our eyes twitch). Yes! There are specific paints for specific applications, and we’re here to help you identify some of … Read moreHome paint 101

New Kitchen Care

New Kitchen Care   You’ve spent a lot of money and time picking out the perfect kitchen; you’ve taken your time to decide which contractor is right for you; you have established trust with that contractor and their team.  Now you finally have the kitchen of your dreams, and you’re trying to keep it that … Read moreNew Kitchen Care

We Understand Your Concern

Home owners looking for a home improvement, of any kind, all seem to have one common concern; “will we get what we want?” If you’re suffering from this fear, you’re not alone; and it’s not just paranoia. The leading cause of contractor/client relationship turmoil is poor communication and planning, before and during the remodel. A … Read moreWe Understand Your Concern