Want to Start a Home Remodeling Project in Mahopac NY?

A decade of professional home renovation experience makes Fisher Building Co. the best builders for all your renovation needs!

Fisher Building Co. is one of the world’s leading builders in home remodeling and renovation projects. Our decade long professional craftsmanship comprise of thousands of home improvement projects like kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, hardwood flooring installation, interior painting, and tiling as well as a rapidly increasing clientele of extremely satisfied homeowners. We are a locally owned and operated renovation contractor and we service the entire town of Mahopac NY .

Why choose us?

As one of the areas leaders in the home renovation industry, we make sure that every project we handle meets and even exceeds global standards. Fisher Building Co. is not your ordinary home remodeling contractor. Our time tested and proven effective system and process enable our dynamic renovation crew and designers to deliver the most time efficient and cost effective services with superior accuracy.


Fisher Building Co. is everybody’s one stop home improvement shop here in Mahopac NY. As the premier home renovation specialist, we feel more than obliged to deliver the best work with all the best resources. We employ the most skilled and talented interior designers, architects, and handymen in the industry, state of the art architectural 3D design technology, the most sophisticated equipment, and genuinely innovative ideas to make every project the best and most rewarding experience for all our valued clients.


Our home renovation solutions

Fisher Building Co. is your friendly neighborhood handyman for all your home remodeling projects. There’s simply no need to look for other competent renovation contractors because we offer a wide selection of first rate home improvement services for all types and sizes of residential properties.

With Fisher Building, no job is too big or too small. You name it, we can handle it!

  • Kitchen remodeling – No home is ever complete without a kitchen. It is the center of every home and the source of (food) life. If you’re faced with a dilemma of renovating just one part of your home, we’d simply recommend redoing your kitchen. All our clients love us for our kitchen remodel solutions. We do specialized kitchen flooring, custom countertops, wall finishes, lighting, ventilation, appliances, striking backsplashes, cabinet hardware, resurfacings, and virtually every corner of your kitchen.Whether you love food (just like us) or have the passion of cooking authentic meals for your love ones, Fisher Building Co. can make your kitchen the most awesome place to be in your home.


    • Basement renovation – Improving your man cave can be a pretty challenging task. Fisher Building Co. is the one expert in Mahopac NY that you can count on for all your basement finishing and remodeling needs. We are the true leader in basement renovation work in the area with hundreds of A-rated finishing and remodeling projects in our professional portfolio.

    Fisher Building Co. is your one stop shop in transforming your uninteresting and untouched basement into your most loved part of the house. From the drawing boards to our huge hardware arsenal, we make sure that all your needs and preferences are matched with full professional attention and expertise.  



  • Bathroom remodeling – Before hitting the bed after a long hard day’s work, it’s become our habit to have a pre-relaxation escape in our bathroom. But the problem is, most bathrooms are not built to provide a relaxing aura most homeowners have been looking for. Here at Fisher Building Co. we provide sleek and one of a kind bathroom remodeling solutions like plumbing, heated flooring, steam showers, custom benches, full and partial bathroom remodel, countertops and vanities, and many more. We fuse sophisticated craftsmanship and innovative creativity to virtually produce Heaven on Earth right in your own bathroom.



  • Hardwood flooring installation – Hardwood flooring has always been a critical factor in effectively improving the overall aesthetic appeal of every home. Be it for your porch or your home’s interior, Fisher Building Co. is more than capable of providing your home with that needed exquisite hardwood flooring improvement in no time. We offer the finest selection of hardwood choices like Locking Wood, Engineered Wood, Solid Wood, and Brazilian Cherry. We have precision enhanced measurement that is second to none and well trained installers who will transform your home’s flooring a woodland paradise for the eyes and feet.
  • Interior painting – A colorful home is indeed a happy and welcoming home. Fisher Building Co. is also your local  interior painting specialist offering a full spectrum of sumptuous and brilliant colors. Our well trained and experienced painters can match your personality and lifestyle with the right shade options. No matter the type of mood and emotion you want to reflect in all your rooms, we guarantee to paint a smile on your face before the day ends. Just don’t take this one literally though.


  • Tiling installation – Looking for a specialist to fix your broken tiles? No need to look further! Fisher Building Co. is your reliable professional for all of your tile installation requirements. From walkways to your kitchen and bathroom tiling needs, our constantly trained tile specialists can help cure your tiling headaches with just a single dose of professional appointment. We have a wide range of excellent choices for every room of your home.


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