We Understand Your Concern

Home owners looking for a home improvement, of any kind, all seem to have one common concern; “will we get what we want?” If you’re suffering from this fear, you’re not alone; and it’s not just paranoia. The leading cause of contractor/client relationship turmoil is poor communication and planning, before and during the remodel.

A good contractor will always live by the words “plan the work, work the plan.” The more details addressed before the project starts, the faster, smoother and more efficient the job will go during the actual renovation phase. This all leads to you (the homeowner) getting exactly what you want.

Many of our clients will browse photos with our staff, either on sites like pinterest or houzz, or even our gallery of previous work. So much planning happens, we often can get down to finishing touches, like fruit bowls and soap dishes, months before the remodel even starts.

We also recommend 3d renderings for projects like kitchens, bathrooms and basement remodels. This will give you a computer generated virtual tour of your finished product.

A good contractor will create a design plan with you which may take hours, days, weeks or even months; be patient, it’s better to do all the hard work now, instead of half way into the project. There’s nothing worse than a delayed kitchen remodel, when the homeowner has no kitchen.

Before you start shopping for contractors, start organizing what your goals are for your project, what you’re really looking for, and find pictures! There’s nothing more exciting than meeting with a client that can vividly explain their ideas, and back them up with examples.



Share some of your stories with us, whether good or bad, we’d love to hear your experiences with home improvements!!

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