looking to take your bathroom remodel to the next level on a budget?





When your bathroom just ain’t cutting the mustard…it’s time for a bathroom remodel. there are some tips and tricks that will save you oodles of bank, and still allow for you to have the bathroom of your dreams.

remodeling your bathroom is an expensive project. You should be trying to eliminate cost in every single way. Start by eliminating waste and unnecessary costs resulting from mistakes.

we explore design, materials, and fixtures as a starting point.

A poor design choice can leave you scratching your head when your mid-way through and become a costly sinkhole that if left unchecked can you have you hanging your gloves before you’ve even started.

Paul hope offers his valuable advice on this:



As with kitchen renovations, the biggest costs come when you relocate important fixtures. Moving toilets, sinks, and showers requires that workers tear out subfloors and walls to access pipes. “Moving the toilet just 1 foot can cost $1,000,” says Robert Degni, a contractor in New York City. If you only need a slight shift—because, say, you’re hoping to squeeze in a double vanity—Degni suggests using an offset flange, a $10 fix that allows you to move the toilet a few precious inches in any direction without extensive plumbing work.  read more here

The Materials used in a bathroom remodeling project are paramount to success. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the lingo before you get started. You have to take into consideration grades that are available and bulk pricing. You will also need to see which tile is perfect for your particular application.

according to Kristen Hampshire, you’d better have a well thought out plan of attack when you plan things out for your project:


As you choose among fixtures and materials, visit specialty design showrooms for plumbing, lighting, flooring, cabinets, etc. You’ll get a real feel for what’s available in the market, and you can talk to the professionals who work there about your ideas and what products will achieve your goals.

“Make sure you have chosen everything down to the lighting fixture to the medicine cabinet before you begin that project, because if you don’t, that is where a $30,000 project becomes a $50,000 project,” says Cameron Snyder, president, Roomscapes Luxury Design Center, Boston, Mass., and past-president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). “Allowances that contractors give you may or may not be realistic.” More on this here

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The third and last segment of this article should be about fixtures and only fixtures.  Nothing but fixtures.  Have your guests ohh and ahh as they enter.  Controlling the lighting and atmosphere of the room…fixtures are the cherry on top to any bathroom remodeling project.  Please see the video below, as it addresses the key points to be cognizant of when shopping:


So remember.  You cannot have your dream bathroom without breaking the bank if you dont take notice of the three things weve just talked about.  Take notice of your fixtures, materials and design.  Do your homework before you begin, and always try and get quality where you can and where it counts.  For more information and to book your free home estimate with Fisher Building Co.