Kitchen Remodeling: The Change Your Family Is Looking For

All your cabinets are filled, but you have nothing in the house to eat; you bring home groceries, only to have nowhere to put them. The kitchen is so cluttered you don’t know where to start. Things start piling up on your dining room table; you’re family no longer enjoys meals together, it’s more like a rush to get back to the last thing they were doing, and you’re still left with a disaster in the kitchen.

We understand, you’d spend the day organizing every cabinet, but it still feels unorganized after hours of work; maybe it feels even worse than it did. Meanwhile, laundry is piling up, your kids have events to get to, and you still somehow have to cook dinner. What a mess. You’re not alone, and we can fix this.

Kitchen remodels, often times, are not about updating your 1980’s appliances and cabinets to the latest trends. It’s about function. Updating your broken Lazy-Susan to a blind corner cabinet with mechanical pull out drawers can not only save you hundreds in grocery bills, but also keep life organized. Even changing the design of your kitchen could increase traffic flow, efficiency for cooking with better appliance locations, countertop layout and outlet locations. A new color paint can brighten moods, make mornings more calm and enjoyable, as well as bring a larger feel to a small kitchen.

Even the subtle details like lighting can change how much strain you put on your eyes, reducing tension and headaches if you work frequently in your kitchen. Installing under-mount lighting can help highlight bowls of fruit instead of the pop tarts shoved to the back of the tallest cabinet. It’s reported that 1/3 of homeowners who’ve recently had their kitchen remodeled eat healthier. It’s not surprising, that a functional, organized kitchen would be more inviting to use than the kitchen you may have now. It’s also reported that homeowners who’ve recently had a kitchen remodeled eat dinner together more frequently and enjoy more family time than prior to their remodel.

As a whole, a kitchen remodel can be a new way of life in your home. Often times, the kitchen is the first room you start your day in, and the very last room you leave before bed. Why wouldn’t you want it to be a source of peace and tranquility, efficiency and organization?