Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: 3 Popular Styles In Westchester

These 3 kitchen backsplash ideas are in real kitchens in the Westchester and Mahopac areas. A contemporary white tile, classic white tile with designed diamonds, and a granite kitchen backsplash are 3 styles installed in kitchens near you. 

Let’s follow Joe and Liz as they try to decide between these 3 styles for their kitchen remodel.

“What do you mean you don’t want to?!”

Joe folds his arms and plants his feet a little farther apart. He isn’t about to waste his time looking at kitchen backsplash ideas online with his wife, Liz, when his input won’t mean anything in the end. 

He replies hotly, “I mean I don’t want to look at these when the final decision is all yours anyway. It’s like if we go shopping for tools and I choose whichever I want even if you think another is better.” It has actually happened before.

“Well,” Liz pauses to think for a moment, “we both use the kitchen, so how about we only go with the one we both want. Speaking of using the kitchen it is your turn to cook tonight, right?” Joe replies skeptically, “Are you sure? About the backsplash part, you’re right about it being my turn to cook tonight.”

“Yes, now will you please come over here and look with me? I found a contractor site that has some great pictures.” 

Joe walks over and sits next to his wife. He sees that she’s on and he has to admit, some of the pictures do look nice, like this first one.

Kitchen Backsplash Idea #1: White Tile With Diamonds

“Ooooo I like this!” Liz coos:

Joe has to admit to himself, it’s a nice design. “Yeah, it’s alright. I mean, the design in the diamond is pretty good. I wouldn’t mind having it in the kitchen.” He sees Liz’s eyebrow twitch. After so many years of marriage she can read him like a book.

Doesn’t mean he’ll come out and admit anything though.

Suddenly the page goes blank and starts to load. “Wait, what, I did not press anything why is this happening Joe what is going on help!” Liz frantically bursts.

“I don’t…” Joe starts to say when the page finishes loading. What they see first are more pictures of the same kitchen backsplash idea:

Close Up Of Kitchen Backsplash
Backsplash In New Kitchen Remodel

“Wow,” Joe thinks, that diamond design is intricate. I actually really like it.” “Well,” he sighs, “I don’t know how we ended up here but there are more pictures so let’s go ahead and take a look.”

Kitchen Backsplash Idea #2: Contemporary

Aka Subway Tile Backsplash

“This certainly says modern,” says Liz matter-of-factly:

“Oh wow, yeah,” Joe lets slip. “Uh, I mean, oh wow, yeah, you’re right it certainly looks modern, not that I’m excited about it or anything.” He sees that smile on Liz’s face that means she is seeing right through him. 

“It is nice,” Liz says hesitantly, “but we will have to remodel the whole kitchen for this kitchen backsplash idea. We might anyways so that is not a huge problem.” Joe coughs and says “Let’s keep looking. I like what I see so far so there might be an even better backsplash look here.”

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Kitchen Backsplash Idea #3: A Granite Backsplash

“Hmm, this would actually look quite nice with our current cabinets.”

Joe grudgingly agrees. It’s not that he doesn’t like the design it’s just he wasn’t expecting to see so many designs he actually likes.

This one would look especially good in the kitchen. He can envision it as he walks into their kitchen to cook later tonight. 

“I know what that smile means,” Liz says, interrupting his daydream.  

“Yeah yeah yeah I’m actually having a good time,” Joe says with a small smile. Nothing escapes her, which is one of the reasons he loves her.

Kitchen Backsplash Idea In Westchester NY

“I actually really want one of these ideas for our kitchen.” Liz raises her eyebrows in surprise and says “Already?! Well that was fast. Alright, which one?”

Joe begins, “Well, my favorite one is…”

Which Kitchen Backsplash Is Your Favorite?

Joe already knows which of these kitchen backsplash ideas is his favorite, but what about you? Do you like the tile and diamond, contemporary tile, or granite look? We’d love to know so we can provide a better service to our clients. Please let us know in the comments below.