How To Clean Hardwood Floors In 7 Steps (& Keep Them Cleaner)

There are a few ways in which you can learn how to clean hardwood floors. Weekly cleanings can include sweeping and mopping first with a microfiber pad then mopping with a hardwood floor cleaning solution. Polishing is great every few months if you want them to stay looking amazing. Every 4 years a deep cleaning or sanding and refinishing should happen.

Let’s see how Eric is going to clean his hardwood floors.

Eric finally notices something is off about his home.

It’s as though the sparkle in its eye is gone. There is a dullness creeping into his home, taking the sheen and shine out of it. It’s no longer quite the home he remembers.

He decides to look around and see what’s causing this. The walls are still fresh from their recent painting, windows are crystal clear, the ceiling is fine, the floors are dull and lifeless, but the trim may need some…then the answer hits him:

The hardwood floors seem dull and lifeless.

Eric sighs heavily as he looks down upon the fading hardwood. It’s the one job he didn’t put on his Chores Of Summer list- cleaning the hardwood floors.

How to clean hardwood floors

Now they make the entire first floor feel colder and darker. It’s as though they are sucking the light out of the room to try and replace the sheen they once had. Well, they’ll soon have it back once he gives them a good cleaning!

At least it won’t be too bad since he minimizes the damage and area he needs to clean. He does so in 5 ways.

5 Ways To Make Cleaning Hardwood Floors Less Of A Chore

  1. Put down rugs
  2. No shoes inside
  3. Sweep with an angled, soft-bristle broom /dry mop with a microfiber mop head/vacuum with a soft-floor nozzle at least once per week
  4. When it looks less shiny, give it a mopping with a hardwood floor cleaning
  5. Clean any spills quickly, especially if it’s sticky

Since Eric follows these rules, cleaning his hardwood floors won’t be hard. There’s just a large area for him to cover. Thankfully he doesn’t have to sand and refinish this time. Polishing can wait too, so, for now, he’ll just do a thorough clean.

Here is the process Eric finds to get his hardwood floors clean and shiny again.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

  1. Sweep with an angled soft-bristle broom
  2. Dry mop with a microfiber pad (to collect the dust)
  3. Dampen a mop in hardwood floor cleaning solution
  4. Mop trying to not let the water collect anywhere
  5. Clean the mop with water to remove any solution and wring it out
  6. Damp mop the floor to remove the cleaner
  7. Wipe up any excess water
How to clean hardwood floors

Eric wipes the dampness from his brow and smiles. He can’t help it. His hardwood floors have a shine he hasn’t seen in a long time. 

Maybe he should break out his hardwood floor polisher…

Bring Back Your Floor’s Shine

Hardwood floors can be a beautiful, warm part of your home. They can turn the other way just as quickly as Eric’s did. If you take care of them they can make your house a more inviting place for years to come.