Home Addition Ideas: 5 Real Projects People Did Near You

These 5 home addition ideas are real projects people in the Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties of New York had us do for them.

They include a master suite balcony, detached garage, porch or patio, deck, and finishing the basement. Not only are they adding monetary value to their homes, but they’re also adding emotional value.

After you see how they turned out you might want one of them for your own home (keep reading to find out) .

Home addition ideas including this 3 seasons room

“But it will make our house feel more like a home,” Melissa argues.

She and Joey have been going back and forth about this for days. At this point, it seems like they’ll never agree. They may not be spending the money they’ve been saving for a home addition idea anytime soon.

“I don’t think so,” Joey argues back, “my idea is more useful.” “That’s great. For you,” Melissa retorts. “Look, there’s got to be some middle ground here we aren’t seeing. Let’s look around for ideas and see if we can find something we both like. Otherwise, this will go nowhere.” 

The couple call a truce and get onto their computer to start looking at home addition ideas.

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1. A Private Getaway: The Master Suite Balcony

“Now this is fancy with a capital ‘F’”, Joey whistles in amazement:

Home addition ideas like a private master suite balcony

“It could be like our own love balcony,” Melissa sighs longingly. “Our what?” Joey asks, sounding confused. “Like our own private date night spot, Joey. Imagine looking at the setting sun from our own balcony, stargazing, maybe even watching the sun rise. It would be magical.”

“Would we use it enough though?” Joey carefully asks. “I would use it all the time! Every day sipping a hot cup of coffee while looking out from the balcony. Oh, it sounds wonderful.” Melissa is already lost in the dream. “Let’s…check out some other home addition ideas before we get too attached, hon.” Joey thoughtfully says.

2. Detached Garages Can Serve Many Purposes

“Here we go, now we’re talking,” Joey whoops happily.

“Just because it’s an idea on here doesn’t mean we’re going to get it,” Melissa says. “At least we can both use the balcony, but so far this detached garage seems like your man-cave. We have a basement for that.” Joey turns towards her, saying “But the basement isn’t finished …”

“Yeah,” she replies, “makes it more cavey. Men like that, right?” Joey sits there for a second before bursting into laughter.

“Ok, that’s great. But as for the detached garage, maybe a car with your name on it will come with it. Or you can use it for storage or it can be a home office. Then you can remodel the old garage into something else, like a woman-cave,” he ends, smiling.

Home addition ideas including this 3 seasons room

Now it’s Melissa’s turn to laugh. “Ok it’s a definite maybe. Oooooo I could turn the old garage into a spare room for my mother! Awh, but let’s keep looking. This is fun!”

3. A Porch Or Patio Is Pretty

“These are classic home addition ideas, and I can see why.”

“We can sit outside and enjoy the nice weather, have fun get-togethers outside, ooooo maybe even a fire pit for warmth and s’mores.” Melissa gushes with excitement. “She’s already making s’mores in her head,” Joey thinks with a smile. “I’ll consider it if we can get a tv hookup out there. Watching football outside makes it feel more like we’re actually there.”

Then they continue the search.

4. Home Addition Ideas: The Deck Section

“Hey, a deck combines balcony and patio. It’s the best of both worlds.” Joey points out.

“Yes but it takes away from what makes them special,” Melissa comes back. “Not saying a deck wouldn’t be nice to have or anything.”

“All we’d need is a stain or paint job to finish it off and we can have a really nice looking home addition. We could have a fire pit up there, be higher up (which is always fun), plus then we have a lower area beneath it to store stuff or whatever.”

Melissa looks at Joey thoughtfully, “You’ve been planning this for a bit, haven’t you?” “My parents had a deck, remember? That’s just what we did with it.” Keeping the deck in mind, the couple moves on to finding the fifth and final of their home addition ideas.

5. Finishing The Basement: A Home Addition Idea?

“Is this even really a home addition?”

“Well, let’s think about it for a sec hon. Unfinished basements are kinda just, sitting there, like ours. If we turn it into a place we can use, then it’s like we added another space to our home. That makes it a home addition. We could turn it into a nice little area for entertaining, a place for the kids to play, a man-cave….” Joey trails off.

“You are just determined to have a man-cave, huh” Melissa giggles. “But I have to agree, finishing the basement does sound like a home addition and a good idea too.”

Which Will The Couple Choose?

Joey and Melissa, after much discussion, decide the best home addition for them is finishing the basement. It satisfies their current needs, solves some of their problems, and should be right in their price range. Now they just need to find a basement finishing company.