Hardwood Floor Refinishing Miracle Story

Not too long ago, Fisher Building Co. was called out to a home by a new owner who recently discovered hardwood floors under ancient carpeting. Needless to say, the floors were in really bad shape.

Years of pet stains, moisture and neglect had turned, what once was, a beautiful red oak floor into this. In most cases we would recommend a fresh start, tearing out all this hardwood and installing brand new oak, but our client didn’t have enough time, so we went with a refinish.

We sanded the floors with 5 different grits of sandpaper, troweled wood filler into all the cracks, scratched and gaps, stained and applied multi coats of polyurethane; and got our final product to look like this!


Needless to say, they are very happy! And so are we! Saving this red oak floor was tough, but it was well worth it. Hopefully your hardwood floors aren’t in as bad a condition as these, but if they are, let’s see if we can save them!